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Does Access Sandblasting do on site sandblasting?

We are mobile-only sandblasters… we travel to your location… etc… We don’t offer factory based sandblasting services

Does Access Sandblasting do non slip surface sandblasting?

Yes we can make almost any surface safer.

Has Access Sandblasting worked with New Estate builders or councils?

Yes we have done copious amounts of expose aggregate meters in new estates all over Melbourne. We do have experience in working with local councils.

Can swimming pools be restored with sandblasting?

Yes sandblasting is the most effective way of getting paint off a pool for resurfacing

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a form of abrasive blasting that involves using the process of abrasive material being accelerated through a blast nozzle & heavy hose by means of a compressor to clean paintwork or signs of aging off timber, brick, stone and metal work.

Can Graffiti be removed by Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is also one of the most effective forms of graffiti removal.

How Can You Restore Delicate Brickwork?

Sandblasting is also one of the most effective forms of graffiti removal and is the preferred method for regular maintenance of heritage sites as it does not damage delicate brickwork in the way that some chemical cleaning methods have been known to.

Can You Restore Painted Timber With Sandblasting?

The most effective method of cleaning and restoring heavily painted timber is with Sandblasting. Using chemical paint strippers is time consuming, messy and the chemicals used can be bad for your health and the environment. Sandblasting is fast and effective way to remove paint from timber.

What Steel Work Can Be Sandblasted?

Any type of steel can be sandblasted. Sandblasting can be used to remove dirt, oil, paint and even rust scale in preparation for painting or repainting. The technique used will depend on the project. From simply cleaning the steel to removing extensive rust, we can help.

Can Delicate Stonework Be Sandblasted?

Blast cleaning is the more effective way to restore the appearance of any stonework.

What about sandblasting of heritage buildings?

Stonework, bricks, timber or any other surface that has aged and requires delicate handling to protect the original surfaces are most effectively restored with sandblasting making it the preferred restoration choice.

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