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Access Sandblasting are the best people to contact for your exposed aggregate needs!

For over 24 years we have worked with many major construction companies and organisations throughout Melbourne and surrounds on a broad range of projects.

With all our years of experience working with contractors, architects and concreters we know how to partner with the project manager to achieve the desired outcome.


Through a process known as Wet Blasting, which dramatically reduces the amount of dust generated through the sandblasting process, we offer a relatively dustless environment for your sandblasting needs.


We are available to do test samples of exposed aggregate for any client and can also offer suggestions of what concrete mixes are suitable.

Access Sandblasting will work in with the contractor to achieve the best result, this entails getting to the concrete at the right time after it has been poured and set. If left too long it becomes much more difficult to remove and may result in less aggregate being exposed.


Access Sandblasting have been involved with many different projects that require an exposed aggregate finish.

We have sandblasted footpaths, traffic islands, driveways, garden beds, panels for walls, steps, playgrounds, parks and also lettering from stencils for memorials, schools and universities.

Having great timing is vital when working with large areas such as footpaths and parking bays, as the overall look and end result needs to be consistent.

We often get calls to repair aggregate work on driveways, pathways and other surfaces that others have completed using different methods to expose aggregate that have been unsuccessful. Abrasive Blasting is the most effective way to expose aggregate.


To achieve a certain look the concrete is mixed prior to pouring with an added aggregate which is a stone mix. There is a massive range of exposed aggregate mixes available. Any good concrete company can provide a wide range of colours & options.

When concrete is sandblasted (abrasive blasted or grit blasted) it removes the top layer off the set concrete to expose the stones poured into the mix.

There are different levels of sandblasting for exposed aggregate. To achieve different looks you can get a light blast/brush blast which will give a not so exposed look but more a rough sandpaper look. Then you can go to a medium or heavy blast exposing more stone.

Exposed aggregate driveways that have been sandblasted look fresh & smart. They are also practical in disguising stains & making it less slippery which is very important especially on steep driveways.

Pathways & driveway crossovers are another popular concrete area to be sandblasted.
Especially in new estates, shopping centres, schools, office blocks, parks anywhere there is a concrete area.

As sandblasted exposed aggregate is non slip it is a very popular choice for areas where there is high traffic or wet areas. Exposed Aggregate really does give a professional stylish finish to any concrete area.

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