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The quickest rust and paint removal method.

Abrasive blasting is the quickest most effective ways to remove paint from bricks, machinery, industrial equipment, metal bins, shipping containers, metal stairways, steal or wooden beams, houses. Also line removal from carparks & other asphalt areas that have been painted.

Whether it’s to clean up & get back to bare brickwork or it’s to prepare to be resurfaced we can offer the right advice & service you need. We have been a part of many restoration & renovation projects across Melbourne. Different surfaces require different care when removing paint. Paul & staff are very experienced & trained in what measures to use when removing paint from all surfaces.

Rust removal is very similar to paint removal in depending on the surface it is will determine the best way to clean it. Abrasive blasting will clean up rust & scale off trucks & truck chassis, tippers, excavators, tractors, dozers & other machines.

It is also a perfect way to clean structural & exposed beams.

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